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And some non-trivial mathematical knowledge is supposed to be intuitable in this way, again in a way analogous to ordinary perceptual knowledge.
Never fully defined by Descartes, method nonetheless appears throughout his theoretical writings as the single means rigorous enough to investigate the real, little of which - as the famous exercises in skepticism of the Meditations demonstrated - is perceived by us in intuitable form.
36) But if real or practical activity took precedence in Fichte's 1796/99 Wissenschaftslehre, it is a practical activity that is intellectual; free self-determination is intuitable only as a determination to become something, with a concept of a goal underlying each free act, as an ideal, a model [Vorbild] or a reason for acting, and thus making free activity possible.
Spatio-temporality limits all possible experience to four intuitable time-space coordinates; if there are other dimensions we cannot know them.