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Smith, Eugene (2008), "The Role of Intuition in Collective Learning", Advances in Developing Human Resources, 10 (4): 494-508
JUDGES DECIDI NG CA SES CAN USE Internet searches to confirm reasonable intuitions or matters of common knowledge, the 2nd Circuit ruled March 22 in U.
A Joyful Intuition: How to Access Your Inner Knowing for Insight, Healing and Happiness" delves into how to use one's intuition in order to help one's mind rest, and find the strength to face many of life's problems.
Her intuition pushed her into the cleaning industry, where she launched Centennial One Inc.
The new Intuition pencil and pens from Faber-Castell, Cleveland, Ohio, provide the opportunity to experience that in its purest form.
There is ample belief based on current literature that intuition can be a powerful component in a successful manager's portfolio of decision-making tools.
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking" by Malcolm Gladwell, author of "The Tipping Point" is a book that explores this very concept--the power of making split second decisions or in other words using intuition.
Dan Ward and Chris Quaid took Gladwell's idea about intuition and pursued it to an extreme while also making some valuable points.
During decision making, complete information is rarely available to the leader to arrive at a decision; successful managers or leaders complement knowledge with their intuition.
ANNE Jirsch, who collected miraculous stories for her new book Instant Intuition (Piatkus, pounds 9.
Understanding human relationships, motives, agendas and style is a prerequisite for success--typically the "heart" skills of compassion, empathy and intuition.