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Linear thinking which started with human self-awareness process is analytical, deterministic, judgmental, reductionist, masculine and materialistic, while nonlinear thinking (systems or networking thinking) is intuitional, observant, nonjudgmental, holistic, feminine and spiritual.
Beijing-based, Cayman-domiciled Xiaomi will open the book to intuitional investors on Thursday, they said.
The Bank continues to actively support women in leadership roles, our commitment to gender equality is reflected in the fact that women comprise 50 per cent of our Corporate & Intuitional Banking team.
I have evidence for some of his trysts and some evidence is just intuitional. As a woman, you always know when something is not right.
(At one, stokers were urged to do whatever they thought best for their 4-hour shift, regardless of the previous shift's precedent or the one to follow.) Occasionally, Mary's firings could be semi-democratic, but for the most part she acted fiercely from intuitional guidance, unencumbered by long experience.
In American Pantheon, he writes that he is "quite willing and even eager to be 'impressionistic,' 'intuitional,' 'appreciative,' 'unsystematic,' and all the other sins in the tight little Eliotic decalogue" (xvi).
After obtaining the approval of Intuitional Ethics Committee, the medical records and computerized data of 78 patients admitted to our clinic between April of 2014 and February of 2016 and received stent graft implantation through endovascular approach owing to aortic aneurysm and iliac artery aneurysm were retrospectively reviewed.
In this way, the intuitional description of the force analysis in all tests was converted into numerical results.
Besides that, the TPPD processes are not intuitional. That is because there are some interleaving between different classes, unless the clustering performance is good enough.
Delta TFIDF which is the intuitional general purpose method was suggested by Martineau and Finin [16] to weigh word scores effectively prior to classification.
As the product design is getting increasingly complex, using layers to classify shapes or components and rapidly setting information with intuitional part attribute forms become important in the design process.
One stands on a temporal cliff, other sits in an intuitional cave.