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Intuitive Dashboards is the ideal solution to sit on top of RightFax, providing a real-time window into the application that is incredibly easy to use and understand.
As Intuitive executives apparently expected, made evident by the change in forecast, the FDA warning letter caused company shares to plummet.
An intuitive thinker desires the ability to be able to understand, control, predict, and explain reality.
Knowledge of intuitive and non-intuitive areas, as well as preferred modalities, can lead students to a greater understanding of themselves and each other.
New storage solutions that are smart, intuitive and affordable are quickly becoming a reality and offering businesses IT advantages that just a few years ago were not available.
Intuitive has developed a computer-enhanced minimally invasive surgery system that uses proprietary electronics, advanced mechanics, and enhanced visualization to greatly improve surgical technique and takes surgical precision far beyond what is possible today.
Management has overlooked the importance of intuition, and under-exploited the potential that the intuitive mind has to contribute in areas as diverse as decision making, creativity, team working, entrepreneurship, business ethics and leadership.
Medical Intuitive Assessment Assessment is based on the energetic information gathered based on the client's birth and is primarily focused on “generalized” time because energy is constantly fluctuating and vibrating.
I know, you're already thinking of your most and/or least intuitive students.
Intuitive Voice Technology's Evolution PBX platform enables VoIP service providers and telecom solution resellers to deliver highly advanced PBX features at an affordable cost to the business customer.
Intuitive Dashboards will empower the Executive team, Heads of Faculty and Governors with instant visibility of their performance, enabling them to take immediate action in response to potential variances.
With the addition of Bill to our executive lineup, IVT has assembled a focused and capable team of seasoned executives who are well-prepared to lead our company's future in the telecommunications industry," said Chris Jones, CEO Intuitive Voice Technology.