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Since the interaction effect was significant, we examined the joint impact of the decision maker's gender and culpability on the intuitively incorrect decision.
Aluminium, Holz, Klebefolie (Aluminum, Wood, Contact Paper), 2005, a large plywood grid bearing cellular or cloudlike shapes in aluminum also seemed to have been executed quickly and intuitively, but the awkwardness of the piece was counterbalanced by its sense of choreography--as if a magnetic field were causing the organic shapes to vibrate.
The decision to change our fiscal year end to coincide with the calendar year end has always been intuitively attractive," said Mr.
Since then, I have become conscious that, however informed, by working intuitively Warhol found in Pop his conception of a functional antagonist, a one-character avant-garde, and a duplicity achieved through a language of marketing.
Many effective police interviewers intuitively use some of our [memory-retrieval] principles, and the cognitive interv iew takes advantage of the fact that witnesses also intuitively do some of these things to remember information.
That information was then applied intuitively to improve their choices.
But one could intuitively grasp the objects' references: one could immediately sense that they alluded to the world of technology.
0, users now have the ability to aggregate information from multiple sources regardless of format, navigate it quickly to illuminate previously unseen relationships so they can view what they don't know, and humanize the information to intuitively access it with the least amount of clicks.
However, people who know a lot about their local ecology intuitively reject an important facet of scientific reasoning-known as the diversity principle-when rendering judgments about plants and animals, the projects find.
Formally they could be characterized as neo-Expressionist paintings; works such as Ochlophobia, 1992, are actually quite spontaneously and intuitively created.
By exposing a simple iterator-based API, developers can work with XML data more intuitively and at a higher level than using SAX or DOM.
Although most obstetricians intuitively suspected these results, the study gives us confidence that it's a good practice to allow these women to labor longer," says Russell Laros of the University of California, San Francisco.