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The monitoring will be greatly enhanced by the intuitiveness and availability of data via REKA's system.
An unabashed fictional realisation of the 'War on Terror;, written with a great deal of intuitiveness.
Given the size of the Emirates NBD customer base and its future growth ambitions, the online banking platform was designed with intuitiveness, rich customer experience, security, performance and long term scalability as its five core design principles.
The new website not only aims at being a lot more interactive but also introduces an element of intuitiveness in the following ways:
Easy modeling and improved intuitiveness in drawing editing ensure that what you see is what you get.
It can't match the BMW for handling and intuitiveness and trails behind Merc and Audi in outright speed.
PA) announced on Wednesday the availability of CATIA Natural Sketch that combines the intuitiveness of creative 2D painting gestures and the power of realistic 3D modeling.
Their products are raved about for having sleek designs, all the while retaining unmatched intuitiveness and usability.
There's a musical urgency and vibrancy to The Hours along with a lyrical intuitiveness which makes time fly by.
Loris Degioanni, Co-Founder and CTO of CACE Technologies said "I'm impressed by DataEcho's capabilities and its intuitiveness.
Anyone who's familiar with Windows Mobile should get to grips with it quickly, but the lack of a touch-screen, and only two context buttons, detract from its intuitiveness.
Enough, at least, to see Gehry in the past decade as not simply a transitional figure but a paradigmatic starting point in a shift toward another kind of compositional outgrowth of modernism, one that has been present from the beginning but that now takes its power from his unique combination of a formality and compositional intuitiveness.