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Touting the intuitiveness of the Tricaster is not without basis.
Dassault Systemes is continuously striving to make the power of its widely recognized 3D creation solutions accessible to a larger audience with the right experience empowering designers with intuitiveness while enhancing their creativity," said Anne Asensio, Vice President, Design Experience, Dassault Systemes.
There's a musical urgency and vibrancy to The Hours along with a lyrical intuitiveness which makes time fly by.
There was just too much drilling down and the system lacks intuitiveness.
Anyone who's familiar with Windows Mobile should get to grips with it quickly, but the lack of a touch-screen, and only two context buttons, detract from its intuitiveness.
Usability in the areas of installation, management, and intuitiveness
It features open architecture, scalability, modularity, and intuitiveness, making it easy to expand as a company grows.
The company's straightforward and low-cost integration, the overall intuitiveness and ease-of-use of its solutions, and the company's track record combined with its substantial customer base all contributed to the selection of ComplianceEase as the clear choice for managing our long-term strategic compliance requirements.
Included is a new touch screen option for Foxboro's high-performance 20-inch LCD monitor that combines the benefits of LCD technology with the superior intuitiveness of touch screen operator interaction.
His leadership skills, intuitiveness and ability to think outside the box were what kept us all working safely and effectively.
0, a software update aimed at providing increased flexibility, call-handling features and improved intuitiveness for its Strata CS, an all-in-one communications server.