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The company said the Intwine Connectivity Suite is a secure and scalable solution that encompasses consulting services, embedded connectivity module, middleware, device and web application hosting, Intwine web application framework, as well as command/control and business intelligence delivery.
The Intwine Connectivity Suite is available for OEMs looking to add Internet Connectivity to their products.
The Intwine Home Energy Manager simultaneously connects to and communicates with PSO's advanced meters and to IntwineHome, Intwine's cloud based homeowner energy management solution.
The Intwine Energy team is excited to be engaged with PSO on this industry leading SEP 2.
Being one of the first companies to offer a variety of solutions for both utilities and retail customers enables us a unique opportunity to address this growing market potential," said Dave Martin, CEO, Intwine Energy.
We congratulate Intwine Energy on their participation in the Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum SEP 2.
The IECT220 Intwine WiFi Thermostat will be offered as part of the Case Connection Zone's services to enable residents to remotely monitor and control all home energy usage, connecting the thermostat directly to the Internet via a WiFi connection.
Intwine products are targeted to both the utilities as well as consumers," said Dave Martin, president and co-founder of Intwine Energy.
As more Intwine Energy products come available such as whole house power monitor and smart load controllers for pool pumps and appliances, a consumer will have a complete, affordable solution to remotely and securely manage their personal energy usage," said David Martin, CEO of Intwine Energy.
The demonstration is working in real time through an energy portal created by Intwine Connect, exemplifying the power of Wi-Fi to support HAN.
Retailers can now easily build a consumer energy management category using the Intwine Connect products.
The Intwine agreement is Blue Line's response to enabling manufacturers of related products to incorporate the value of all-home access to energy data as captured by Blue Line's PowerCost Monitor technology.