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The company said the Intwine Connectivity Suite is a secure and scalable solution that encompasses consulting services, embedded connectivity module, middleware, device and web application hosting, Intwine web application framework, as well as command/control and business intelligence delivery.
The Intwine Connectivity Suite is available for OEMs looking to add Internet Connectivity to their products.
The Rochesterian speaker is as uninterested as the Miltonic narrator in "dissecting" the "long and tedious havoc" of "fabled knights/ In battles feigned" (Paradise Lost 9.29-31): the speaker of Upon His Drinking a Bowl entreats Vulcan not to decorate the cup with battle scenes (or pictures of the constellations), but rather to "carve thereon a spreading Vine,/ Then add Two lovely Boys;/ Their Limbs in Amorous folds intwine,/ The Type of future joys" (38;17-20); and in Grecian Kindness the speaker envisions the Greek victors embracing the Trojan women while "the kind Deity of Wine/ Kiss'd the soft wanton God of Love" (19;7-8).