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Patna: Floodwater inundated fresh areas on Sunday after a major river broke its embankment in Bihar, taking the toll to 214.
2 and others are still inundated with rain and sewerage water creating difficulties for the residents.
According to details monsoon rains continued poring in Badin, Matli, Golarchi, Tando Bago, Pangrio, Shadi Large, Khor wah and other towns and villages of district Badin where low lying areas inundated under rain water while road connectivity of different villages and rural areas also badly affected.
Cities like Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and four of the five boroughs of New York will be inundated.
The family was inundated with messages and at one point #HAPPYBIRTHDAYBRAD was even trending on Twitter.
14, 2016, as rescue operations continue after heavy rains inundated the region.
He came to the help of David Popkin who was being inundated with post at his home in Cardiff asking for money.
Works to evacuate watern from inundated buildings continue.
Incessant rains in neighbouring Arunachal Pradesh has resulted in the swelling of the waters of the River Brahmaputra and this has inundated 300 villages in the eight districts of Assam.
Some people who had left their houses have returned home, while others continue to be at the temporary shelter because their houses are still inundated by water," he said.
Summary: The Sharjah Municipality Emergency Committee continued its efforts to drain out water from its inundated industrial areas for over 24 hours and is working to clean and repair the affected roads.
A WARWICKSHIRE mask-making firm has scored itself a new contract win after being inundated with orders for Roy Hodgson masks.