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He said that one hundred and thirty-one villages of Layyah, Rajanpur and Muzaffargarh districts have been inundated by the flood water of Sindh River.
Works to evacuate watern from inundated buildings continue.
In Liverpool, young Fab Four fans were being inundated with pen-pal requests from the States In Liverpool, young Fab Four fans were being inundated with pen-pal requests from the States ALISTAR MACDONALD
The water level then in low-lying areas was so high that it inundated even the second floors of residences in Marikina City.
The low-lying areas of Kohat including Tehsil Kalachi have inundated while rainwater has entered into the houses of different areas including Shakardara and Kalachi which created sever threat of collapsing slums.
Postman Chris Wilcox helped a pensioner who was being inundated with scam mail BBC
The weather in Hub and Sibi in Balochistan lashed by torrential rains turned pleasant, however in absence of any drainage system accumulated rain water inundated the roads coupled with power outages wreaked havoc.
Incessant rains in neighbouring Arunachal Pradesh has resulted in the swelling of the waters of the River Brahmaputra and this has inundated 300 villages in the eight districts of Assam.
Some people who had left their houses have returned home, while others continue to be at the temporary shelter because their houses are still inundated by water," he said.
Lifelong Albion fan and Mask-arade director Dean Walton said "After providing Kevin Phillips masks at QPR, Tony Mowbray masks at Blackburn and Bomber Brown masks last season at Newcastle we were going to give it a break this year, however after recent events we have been inundated with requests for Roy masks.
Collection and preservation of a variety of molds from structures inundated by flood-water.
Summary: Lily Cooper, formely Allen, has been inundated with messages on her twitter account from friends congratulating the star, following speculation that she has given birth to a baby girl.