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INUNDATION. The overflow of waters by coming out of their bed.
     2. Inundations may arise from three causes; from public necessity, as in defence of a place it may be necessary to dam the current of a stream, which will cause an inundation to the upper lands; they may be occasioned by an invincible force, as by the accidental fall of a rock in the stream; or they may result from the erections of works on the stream. In the first case, the injury caused by the inundation is to be compensated as other injuries done in war; in the second, as there was no fault of any one, the loss is to be borne by the unfortunate owner of the estate; in the last, when the riparian. proprietor is injured by such works as alter the level of the water where it enters or where it leaves the property on which they are erected, the person injured may recover damages for the injury thus caused to his property by the inundation. 9 Co. 59; 4 Day's R. 244; 17 Serg. & Rawle, 383; 3 Mason's R. 172; 7 Pick. R. 198; 7 Cowen, R. 266; 1 B. & Ald. 258; 1 Rawle's R. 218; 5 N. H. Rep. 232; 9 Mass. R. 316; 4 Mason's R. 400; 1 Sim. & Stu. 203; 1 Come's R. 460. Vide Schult. Aq. R. 122; Ang. W. C. 101; 5 Ohio, R. 322, 421; and art. Dam.

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The rains added to the woes of motorists and pedestrians by causing inundation on portions of roads and roadsides.
The difference between the "watch" and the "warning" is that a "watch" means there is a "possibility of life-threatening inundation from rising water moving inland from the shoreline" usually within 48 hours, (http://www.
What has been established from the 1945 tsunami, falls short of what is needed today for ground-truthing, inundation models, estimating risk to enlarged populations, and anchoring awareness campaigns.
The type of seaweed that's responsible for the inundation is sargassum, a brown substance which forms large floating mats.
Nullahs and streams, whose water fall into Nullah Lai, are reportedly choked due to encroachments and illegal constructions and the choked water may result in inundation of several low-lying areas.
A police statement on Sunday said that the IGP Sindh, Ghulam Hyder Jamali, has taken serious notice of traffic related issues due to inundation of roads after a water supply line burst near Aziz Bhatti Park, University Road.
OSU is planning to place a $50 million marine science building in an area near Newport that is known to be subject to periodic inundation by tsunamis, despite warnings by the state geologist and despite the fact that the university's own researchers are leading authorities on the periodic massive earthquakes along the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the tsunamis that follow.
Esmael Mangudadatu and Vice Governor Lester Sinsuat sustained the state of calamity they declared last week on the heels of inundation in 84 villages of low-lying towns in the province.
They seem to have enjoyed the inundation and are better than they've been in years.
The inundation zone of the cascade dams will not include special protected areas, RusHydro says.
4 percent of the Beira study area's GDP is vulnerable to permanent inundation due to sea level rise, and 0.