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So when widespread, continuous and repetitive inundation occurs, the disaster rating is quickly attained.
highways, using yellow Plexiglas and adopting a geometrical reduction scale of 1:40 based on the depths, maximum discharges (flow rate), and inundations (submergence level) available.
Holme and Ribbleden waters unite in this village and this circumstance, together with its proximity to those stupendous mountains, the English Alps, renders it extremely liable to inundations.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 5, 2005 - (JCNN) - Fujita, in collaboration with construction R&D company Kokankyo Engineering, has developed a system to analyze the risk of tsunami-caused inundations in metropolitan areas.
Equal devastation was reported on low-lying portions of the opposite shore from Barnstaple in Devon up to Gloucester and beyond, including bridges destroyed and inundations up to six miles inland.
Ebbing floods A new analysis of historical flood records from central Europe suggested that widespread inundations in that region have been on the wane for the past century or so (164: 166).
Most of Haiti's hillsides have been deforested by peasants in need of fuel, which increases the possibility of mudslides and inundations.
Middleware is the key ingredient for facilitating and controlling the data inundations that are generated by AIDC and RFID (including EPC) technologies, and the Savi SmartChain demonstrates some of the best thinking and experience yet developed in this area," said Michael J.
DG, PDMA, Hussain Baloch urged the citizens and district administrations of these cities to observe precautionary arrangements for possible inundations due to rains and directed the low lying residents of these cities to move the safer places.
Meanwhile trains services including Karakoram, express, Quetta Express, Karachi express, Bolan Express, Allama Iqbal Express and Millat express have reported to be delayed owing to inundations of railway tracks at various points in many cities of Sindh and Punjab.