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If at this point the result of her negotiations was doubtful, we can nonetheless say that Francois's role in the fiasco was not a heroic one, while Louise's clearly was, a nd that despite serious bouts of illness (in 1527 and 1528), the Regent was hardly Vergil's demoralized patriarch, "hated by the gods and useless in my years," as Anchises describes himself in Book II of the Aeneid ("invisus divis et inutilis annos," II; 647).
De officio Pastorali Ministrorum ecclesiae in pagis Libellus, ijs etiam, qui in Urbibus Evangelion docent, non inutilis (Basel: Oporinus, 1546); Oporinus also published the 1549 and 1562 editions.
I reckon that by this time my quatre fueille letter is arrived to you & that the bookes will speedily overtake it, Cave omnino ne vel minimum offendam vel abbatem vel uxorem tuam plurimi enim facio utriusque erga me affectum et meam apud illos existimationem, liber autem iste non est perfects in suo genere sed strictim et desultorie agit; sed neque est inutilis, apices rerum tangit si autem p[er]fects aliqd desideras oporteret ipsum Cornelium Agrippam de vanitate scientiarum consulere et praecipue Picum Mirandulanum contra Astrologos qui tamen mortus est an[n]o ab illis prfinito.