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I am confined myself for the moment to the Divorce jurisdiction and my duties as Chairman of the Parole Board: the latter are not very interesting, and I don't imagine that much community benefit will come of them, but the inutility and wastefulness of our penal methods is being forced more and more upon our attention.
Not only does the garden lack any solace from turmoil, but it also becomes a space characterized by boredom and inutility.
Nevertheless, Kurdish nationalist deputies were individually elected, successfully bypassing the threshold and thereby proving its inutility.
He tries but is unsuccessful in getting her a cup of coffee, and Alice calms down and perhaps realizes that the doctor's decision that she doesn't need therapy is scrupulous and just; it is not personal or a comment on the inutility of the profession, just as Alice's decision to move on is not a judgment on prostitution.
His poetry exposes the "Mandevillian inutility at the heart of capitalist consumption, where private vices breed public virtues.
Most probably, this attitude does not result from the conscious approval of the practical inutility of philosophy, or of its lack of contribution to the development of a successful career or to the active participation in political life.
In English Traits, however, Emerson writes disparagingly that the English "are incapable of an inutility, and respect the five mechanic powers even in their song" (EL 903).
The committee also endorsed a letter from the inutility sector for restructuring the general assembly of General Water and Sewer Company.
Growing old must be seen as a physiological process determining transformations at the level of the apparatus and systems of the human organism (cardiovascular, respiratory, locomotive, digestive apparatus, nervous system), the aspects of decreased individual resistance and implicitly withdrawal from the socio-professional life creating a feeling of addiction, inutility and isolation (Balaceanu-Stolnici C.
280, 289-91 (1976) (plurality opinion); Philip English Mackey, The Inutility of Mandatory Capital Punishment: An Historical Note, 54 B.
It was just such qualities of elitism, autonomy and inutility that would help guarantee the moral authority and 'political correctness' of atonalism and serialism for their proponents in the middle decades of the twentieth century.
An interpreter is not free to adopt a reading that would result in reducing whole clauses or paragraphs of a treaty to redundancy or inutility.