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The scientists plan to conduct follow-up research to better understand the type of bacteria present, so they can create treatments that may stop the bacteria from invading the colon.
However, from this point onwards, due to the relative ease of dealing with the linear challenges, an invading force is lured into the belief that it possesses the potentials to permanently change the dynamics of that country and its people to suit their paradigm.
LANDMARK Penzance Harbour THREAT The seashore at Teignmouth TARGET Tranquil beach at Torquay THWARTED Dossier contains maps and surveys for invasion DETAILED Adolf Hitler and the 446-page Nazi dossier for invading southern Britain
This time the invading hordes, led by Kara Mustafa, were defeated at the gates of Vienna in 1683 by Poland's great King John Sobieski, dubbed by his Turkish adversaries "The Lion of Lehistan.
In social science jargon, invading Iraq was neither necessary nor sufficient for democratic reforms in the region.
A year--and several bloody urban battles in Iraq--later, the talk of invading Iran has quieted down, for the time being, anyway.
Invading Mongolian armies in the 13th century brought Persian wind technology back to China by kidnapping the Persian windmill builders.
6) More recently, investigators have proposed that malignant cells invade and spread via potential spaces in the connective tissue planes of the perineurium and endoneurium without inciting an inflammatory response in the surrounding stroma or invading the nerve fibers themselves.
THE world has yet hardly forgiven Germany for invading Poland in 1939.
Whether or not, and to what extent, the trust gives the trustee the power to invade principal or accumulate income, or prohibits the trustee from invading principal or accumulating income; and the extent to which the trustee has exercised a power from time to time to invade principal or accumulate income;
The articles on Tamerlane (Tamerlane: Return of the sword of Islam) and Iraq were particularly worthy of note, considering the parallels between the destruction and pillaging of Iraq by Tamerlane's invading army and the current invasion by the West.
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