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Seven out of 20 BMW dealers questioned said cars would have to be serviced by a franchised dealer if the warranty was to be valid, while a further four said the warranty might be invalidated.
Society of Sisters (1925) invalidated an Oregon law banning private schools.
On appeal, the neighboring property owners argued that the town's consideration of the proposed $8 million donation invalidated the zoning ordinance.
The PTAB ruling also detailed "incorrect" statements of fact Securus made to patent officials while seeking approval for one of the invalidated patents, false statements that ultimately played a role in leading the Patent Office to issue the patent.
Mohammad Yusuf Nuristani told reporters the cancelled votes belonged to 3,457 normal and 459 special ballot boxes and they were invalidated in presence of national and international observers.
District Judge Vaughn Walker handed down a potentially historic victory for the gay rights movement when he invalidated California's gay marriage ban last August.
The signatures that were invalidated were invalidated because they did not have a date or were collected prior to the initiation of the protest period.
TEI elaborated that the Supreme Court has invalidated state tax incentives in many cases, it has also affirmed the ability of the states to foster economic growth within their borders.
Its researchers discovered that some dealers are warning motorists that they must have their vehicles serviced only at franchised dealers otherwise the vehicle's warranty will be invalidated.
Nearly one in five dealers wrongly said a car's warranty would be invalidated if serviced outside the franchised network.