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The objective of this petition is to target the Kapoor Commission report and get it invalidated because there are some very uncomfortable revelations in the report regarding the larger conspiracy and the involvement of many others who were never prosecuted," he told ANI.
Sherzaman urged that holders of invalidated and illegal weapons should surrender them immediately and that the government should not succumb to political pressure.
Each of the four invalidated patents concerned software for managing computer networks.
The study was invalidated in 2007 as contradictory data from it gave reason to suspect a mix-up of active drug and placebo.
It did not say how many votes it has invalidated in total so far.
If homeowners fail to do this, insurance claims could be invalidated.
Villaraigosa said he hopes to be successful in appealing the ruling that invalidated Assembly Bill 1381, which would have allowed him to run some of LAUSD's lowest-performing schools and also given him more control over the entire district.
Most people simply don't realise that their cover can be invalidated or reduced, leading to lower levels of compensation, or worse still, no compensation at all.
Supreme Court has declined to review a Colorado court ruling that invalidated a convict's death sentence because jurors consulted the Bible.
Some franchised dealers are incorrectly telling car owners their warranties would be invalidated if they had vehicles serviced outside the main dealer network.
Does Keck fully make the case that the Rehnquist Court (which invalidated a record 33 federal statutes on constitutional grounds in eight years, made soaring pronouncements about the supremacy of its constitutional views over Congress', and wandered into the mother of all political thickets in Bush v.