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com says that up to 71 per cent of people run the risk of invalidating their home insurance cover this year without realising it.
In June the district court in California granted Amphastar and Teva a summary judgment invalidating the patent.
The two patents invalidating in this Capital One case are at the center of the Bank of America litigation as well.
Microsoft tried to gut the value of patents by introducing a lower standard for invalidating patents.
Overall, almost half of all dealers wrongly suggested that motorists risked invalidating their warranty by taking their vehicles to independent garages.
District Court judge ruled that the Boy Scouts of America is a religious organization, invalidating a preferential contract between the Scouts and the city of San Diego.
Although the cooperative corporation, in a prior lawsuit, was successful in invalidating a larger wrap-around mortgage held by the sponsor, it was still in difficulty in meeting the debt service requirements of the underlying first mortgage held by the East New York Savings Bank, which was still valid.