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Nor did Skinner's actions rise to the level of the other grounds enumerated in Eliot for invalidating an appraisal corruption, dishonesty or bad faith the court found.
KABUL: A UN-backed fraud watchdog investigating last month's presidential election in Afghanistan began invalidating votes on Thursday in a process that could keep the country locked in political uncertainty for months.AaThe August 20 election has alarmed the West, whose troops are involved in an increasingly unpopular military mission.
Online insurance search engine says that up to 71 per cent of people run the risk of invalidating their home insurance cover this year without realising it.
In June the district court in California granted Amphastar and Teva a summary judgment invalidating the patent.
Affirmative action plans exist at all levels of government and business, and a broad ruling invalidating affirmative action could affect federal contracting, financial aid, minority business programs, housing loan programs, and other systems.
They must find a man who will claim to be Johanna's true husband from an earlier marriage, thus invalidating her marriage to Fulk.
My circumstances may have changed, thereby invalidating my current application.
To affirm faith in Jesus Christ is one thing; to make this affirmation by invalidating the faith of others is another.
Justice Thomas' dissenting opinion, which the Chief Justice and Justice Scalia joined, begins with this ominous prediction: "By invalidating Chicago's ordinance which was enacted to prevent gangs from establishing dominion over the public streets, the Court has unnecessarily sentenced law-abiding citizens to lives of terror and misery."(16) In support of his conclusion that "[t]he ordinance does nothing more than confirm the well-established principle that the police have the duty and the power to maintain the public peace, and when necessary, to disperse groups of individuals who threaten it,"(17) Justice Thomas offered several arguments.
If a lien is filed as a result of such unauthorized work, the owner has grounds for invalidating the lien.