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Although we anticipate filing additional petitions seeking to invalidate GTL patents in the future, at present we have limited the PTAB petitions filed to just three of GTL's patents, but we likely will file another group of PTAB petitions for invalidation of GTL's patents in the next 60 days.
In a letter to Dhenkanal collector Roopa Roshan Sahoo, Idco Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Vishal Dev said : "In view of the impending invalidation of the land acquisition proposals in respect of the 15 villages, I would request you to take immediate steps to furnish the respective draft 6 (1) estimates and draft declaration documents to Idco so that further course of action for sanction of estimates can be taken at this end.
1 LED packager in terms of production capacity, said the ruling includes invalidation of Claim 1, which is the main claim of the patent at issue.
Les Freres musulmans s'etaient prepares a une eventuelle invalidation de la candidature de M.
Furthermore, he did not say if either of those candidates was the winner, in which case the invalidation would require a new election.
The reasons of this invalidation are not clear, he added, pointing out that the accusation to lead an early electoral campaign is unjustified.
The two sides are still contesting in court over the invalidation of the acquisition.
The latest technology allows users to select settings from three functions -- invalidation of all data, invalidation of data when the drive's power is turned off and invalidation of data when the equipment gets connected to an unauthorized system, Toshiba said.
The new Toshiba Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) models enable OEMs to configure different data invalidation options which align with a range of end-user scenarios.
The invalidation can be done in many different ways.
ANKARA, Jul 8, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish Parliament Speaker Mehmet Ali Sahin said about the verdict of the country's top legal body about invalidation of some parts of the government's constitutional amendment law, "the Constitutional Court has violated the parliament's right of legislative.
The invalidation of a decision from an understaffed National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has called into question the validity of more than 400 rulings the board has made since December 2007.