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14) Most counter intuitively of all, James herself describes her invalidism, her lifelong stillness and inactivity, as the result of violent effort: 'Owing to muscular circumstances my youth was not of the most ardent, but I had to peg away pretty hard between 12 and 24, 'killing myself' as some-one calls it--absorbing into the bone that the better part .
8) Table 2 Hoehn and Yahr Staging of Parkinson Disease (a) Stage 1 Signs and symptoms on 1 side of body Usually tremor of 1 limb Symptoms mild Symptoms inconvenient Friends notice changes in posture, locomotion and facial expression Stage 2 Symptoms on both sides of the body Minimal disability Posture and gait affected Stage 3 Slowing of body movements Balance problems on walking or standing Moderately severe generalized dysfunction Stage 4 Severe symptoms Limited ability to walk Rigidity and slow movements Unable to live independently Tremor may be less than earlier stages Stage 5 Weight loss and wasting away Invalidism (a) Adapted from Massachusetts General Hospital.
the declining birthrate, hysteria, invalidism, pregnancies'--in other words, the basic workings of the female body, whose excesses were regarded as women's 'ineptness at contributing to the governing of the Empire'" (72).
In addition to being disruptive to employers and wasteful for the economy, needless work disability is destructive to the employee, in that it threatens his or her career and self-esteem and leads to iatrogenic invalidism, Dr.
Baron only managed to have her creative life through self-imposed invalidism, and apparently taught this method of escape to her daughter as well.
The individuals she encountered during her stay at the house of healing insisted that ongoing invalidism was not a proper posture for believers.
The discomfort of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth are surely not [more] than what often attends years of invalidism without hope of cure.
Most prisoners of that age are sex offenders, and most sex offenders walk with a stick in the hope that their invalidism will deter other prisoners from assaulting them.
For Marcel and Swann, perception becomes the locus of conquest, virility, and action, for a reconfigured masculinity in which the higher orders of the Self, such as the intellect, imagination, and perception, are sexualized by the possessive libido, which has been denied physical expression by the narrator's invalidism.
Quoting Kierkegaard in the poem, "What We Want," she acknowledges life's vexations and sufferings--and takes refuge in writing, exploring the difficulties of invalidism and the anatomical enterprise of change as her daughter undergoes a surgical transformation from female to male.
In Jane Eyre Bronte examines tropical invalidism and geopolitical climate.
A longitudinal causal model of acrdiac invalidism following myocardial infarction.