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11) Accordingly, female invalidism was characterized not as a result of the physically taxing demands of domestic work, but, rather, as a result of women's shortcomings (physical, moral, managerial, or all three in combination).
The individuals she encountered during her stay at the house of healing insisted that ongoing invalidism was not a proper posture for believers.
Once a patient is caught in such a downward spiral of invalidism, it can be hard to throttle back out.
22) The sense of waiting or yearning in James's diary can be thought of in the same terms, although James's perspective is far less specifically religious than Rossetti's--as with the stereotype of feminine invalidism, James tends to mock Christian doctrine without quite dismissing it.
John Gogarty marked "Private," George wrote, "I would rather he died in happiness rather than invalidism.
Cortisone steroid therapy is a high price to pay because it may incur complete invalidism.
Meanwhile, cardiovascular diseases in last decades take a leading position in total mortality and invalidism of population in the world, including Kyrgyzstan.
Reading Barrett Browning as being out-of-control of her emotions and unable to control them in her poetry, he links her sentimentality to pathology, conflating her invalidism and her poetry: "Her secluded life of ill-health rendered her often sentimental, high-strung, and even hysterical.
The new standard would permit the distribution of principal for "education, including college and professional education, and medical, dental, hospital and nursing expenses and expenses of invalidism.
Cohen said he had only the documented symptoms: "an analysis of this journey of invalidism that he suffered throughout his life.
I would not trade my morning pain for a life of drug-seeking behavior and invalidism.
Suggestively, though, it is her own illness, which results in a protracted convalescence and threat of potential invalidism, that reconciles the squire to the idea of Molly marrying into the family and that also seems to catalyze Roger's shift from brotherly to romantic love.