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They invaluably reveal current conditions, strategies, guides, boats, and equipment for both fresh and salt water.
The authors would like to extend our appreciation to all the people in the Polymer Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology, who helped us invaluably throughout the whole process.
This special adapted Eurostar train will invaluably allow our team to travel to London together, quickly and comfortably.
While it fails to address the often terrifying witch-hunts conducted in the name of protecting the monarchy, the chapter invaluably directs attention to the lack of prosecutorial discretion that characterizes the Thai legal system and the implications of this lack for the handling of lese majeste.
As a practitioner, and an emerging researcher, for me this book has provided an invaluably clear and practical approach to phenomenology.
I refer, rather, to the everyday as the complex, invaluably rich modes of actual existence, irrespective of time and space.
The flamboyantly theatrical Ball paired with the quietly theatrical Ed Hastings would make theatre magic for many years and provide some extraordinarily diverse productions as well as invaluably diverse theatre training in the conservatory.
He will be invaluably aided in this endeavor by Howard Levine, Family Dollar's chief executive, a top manager who has emerged in recent years as one of the most respected CEOs in mass retailing.
Like all of the DEFA films available, in their images and sounds these films represent uniquely and invaluably the remaining shadow of the challenges and complexity of life and culture in the former GDR.
In our excitement over the invaluably rich stories we were documenting, we decided to produce a film based on the first set of interviews, Voices from the Camps of Litchfield Park, to reciprocate and mirror back to the community their individual and collective memories.
Back in Britain, he spent invaluably formative years with James Fanshawe in Newmarket, during the golden era of Soviet Song, Grandera and Hors La Loi III.