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This feature is based on the invariability of distance coefficients between two corresponding points.
One of the main issues is ensuring of invariability of the specific erosion level of electrodes during long operation within the range of pre-critical currents.
C (detailing the invariability of poverty, unemployment, and lower median income on New York reservations).
At times the stiff invariability of the landscape takes away the hope for change, but the swift passage of a waxwing suffices to make everything seem possible once more.
Further, when it comes to verbal skills and listening skills, people tend to report on deviations from standard patterns of events and to listen to such reports with more interest than in reports on routine events or things that do not change, except when invariability itself is novel.
Compliance however should not imply the absence of discretion in how it should be achieved or when it should be insisted upon, nor should its implementation assume the unchangeability or cultural invariability of its interpretation and application.
Let us first examine the increasing trends invariability during the first period and the relative higher variability of boro variety during the second period.
We confirm once again the invariability of the course of Ukraine towards the European integration basing on introduction of sociopolitical and socioeconomic reforms and targeting approaching to the best European standards.
And indeed, the invariability of some of the contents of consciousness suggests a hard core of personhood or self-identity.
1] due to C=O stretching absorbance was designated as the reference peak for its invariability [40].
Thus, al-Ghazali's use of such standard Ash arite expressions as God's custom is purely rhetorical, while in reality he believes in the invariability of the relationship between cause and effect.
To the relative invariability of her body, she opposes the enormous "maravigliosa evoluzione [della] psiche umana," which, for her, is more fully developed in persons who belong to her race.