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It is in accordance with Bulgaria's policies of commitment to international cooperation on development aid, which is an invariable part of providing humanitarian assistance," the Cabinet press service said.
Christmas rituals vary according to areas and change over time, with festivity as an invariable feature.
However, there had been an invariable refusal to grant Yemen full membership.
Experienced and perceived as fast-paced for some and all to slow for others, the invariable duration of the hours and minutes can be interpreted in many different ways.
Realistically, we do not expect our performance to follow an invariable trend-line upward," he said, but added that the bank s long-term prospects were "bright.
The working definition of evil invariables is as follows: "Evil invariable is a numerical indicator, which describes the prevalence of a certain unfavourable social process and participants therein inadequately, because it has been constructed proceeding from hidden goals".
Additionally, the MPE Reliadens can be integrated into MPE's grinding equipment to offer the "total package" of invariable bulk density maintenance.
This technology guarantees highly consistent and repeatable color image quality and ensures invariable performance across multiple workstations.
The bus shelter is extremely draughty, invariable wet and completely inhospitable.
This is a delightful film for children and those adults who can bring forth 'the child within' as it requires suspending the rational mind's invariable questioning of various aspects of the film such as why Mo's daughter has a distinctly British accent or why he would have been reading a book with such evil characters in it to a three year old in the first place.
As a science, economics seeks understanding of invariable principles; politics is ephemeral, its subject matter being the day-to-day relations of associated men.
Because there is no one to one correspondence between DNA structure and development, knowledge of a particular DNA sequence gives us no knowledge of invariable laws of nature.