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SIFT [7] is regarded as one of the most popular rotation invariant feature descriptor.
Among the 10,000 repeated color face images, 5000 are normal MPIK color face images; 2500 are normal MPIK color face images embedded with noise features such as "salt and pepper", "poisson", "speckles noise" as provided in Matlab image processing toolbox; and, 2500 are normal MPIK color face images with scale invariant (shrink or dilation).
This new system analyzes information gathered from sensors distributed throughout a facility using invariant analysis technologies.
The dynamics of system (4) can be fully described by the invariant polynomial of the polynomial matrix Iz- - A+BFC.
Narang: Common fixed points and invariant approximation for Gregus type contraction mappings, Rendiconti Circolo Mat.
A well-known application to build an invariant polynomial under the action of a permutation group G is the Reynolds operator R.
In particular if the equation has two independent variables then it can be transformed in an ordinary differential equation, moreover if an ordinary differential equation is also invariant under an one-parameter group, then its order can be reduced in one, in the case of first order ordinary equations, the symmetry group can be used to find a solution in terms of cuadratures by two very well known methods, canonical coordinates and the Lie integrating factor.
Problem (Turan, 1984): Does a lower bound of similar order hold still if we generalize graph properties to Boolean functions invariant under a transitive group of permutations?
The new bistatic RDA can be used to process the azimuth invariant and variant bistatic SAR data directly.
Research into loop invariant generation has a long tradition.
A graph G order p is a 2-path invariant graph if, and only if, G [congruent to] [[bar].