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A mathematical proof is a procedure used to determine whether a given mathematical assertion is (or is not) invariantly true (a mode or identification of constancy).
Faces always provide us more than just emotional cues--emotions add strength and hue to our opinions--but the basis of our judgments comes from something more solid and stable invariantly inferable over varying expressions.
If so, social capital sometimes reduces entrepreneurship rather than invariantly strengthening it.
Thus, on Mount's view, 'I' is a discretionary indexical lacking invariant reference, in contrast with Kaplan's theory, which makes 'I' an automatic or pure indexical that invariantly refers to the agent of a context.
We therefore analyzed whether the tests used in this study allowed the constructs of CK and PCK to be measured invariantly across teacher groups.
Syntax Name Property Meaning A[]p Invariantly Safety For all paths p always holds A <> p Eventually Liveness For all paths p will eventually hold E <> p Possibly Reachability There exists a path where p always holds E[]p Potentially Safety There exists a path always where p always holds p--> Leads to Liveness Whenever p holds q will eventually hold TABLE II.
Computations performed indicated that in every alcohol the negative charges were invariantly localized at oxygen and carbon atoms.
She experienced both freedom and absence of judgment simultaneously but explicitly invariantly.
Usually people withdraw the plan of remodeling their old buildings invariantly because of the high cost associated with the task of renovation.
F](V) the subject is invariantly accompanied by the nominal focus marker -len irrespective of the age of the informant:
Note that instead the speed of the photon v = c remains identically, universally and invariantly equal to c.
The pattern of mapped reads (Figure 5, A) was consistent with the idea that the Elc2 isolate lacked 3 of the 4 prophages invariantly reported in the chromosome of the Ames Ancestor and all other B anthracis strains.