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18) Note that this conclusion extends to any view that invariantly relates "ought" to a body of information that includes information not available to the agent, even if it is not the body of all true propositions.
The most frequently used temperature adjective in this group is cold, and less often cool, the associations invariantly being negative.
The open reading frame of the AChE gene comprises five exons, of which exons 2, 3, and 4 contain the catalytic subunits and are invariantly spliced (Figure 1).
It should be noted that the IVS8 GA-2AG, T1287C, and A1469C were invariantly present as the uncommon allele, suggesting that the reference sequences may be incorrect at these locations.
Kohlberg and colleagues (for example, Kohlberg, Levine, & Hewer, 1983; Kohlberg, 1999) argue that while younger individuals may invariantly and unconsciously follow the "hard stages" of the CMD model as originally postulated, adult moral development may be more likely to follow some "soft stages".
If hunger and desire are highly correlated, and if people metaphorically make sense of their desires partly in terms of hunger, then these more prominent parts of their hunger experiences should be invariantly mapped onto their different concepts for desire.