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MicroMarket Minitor finds that the growth of the European non-invasive and minimally invasive cardiac output monitoring devices market is attributed to the rising need for advancements in patient monitoring and care.
Oestrogen receptor status appears to be an important determinant of differential prognosis following treatment of invasive ductal versus invasive lobular cancer.
received NSAIDs any time during the 2 weeks before the diagnosis of invasive GAS infection nor the finding that non-hospitalized children (controls) were unlikely to have received NSAIDs in the 2 weeks before their interview should be surprising.
Ironically, invasive non-native trees and shrubs are not taken into consideration when being certified for sustainability as many of our state forests are overrun with invasive plants and trees that have been certified.
Invasive species represent the top threat to biodiversity, agriculture, fishing and recreation in the state, costing California hundreds of millions of dollars annually, according to the Nature Conservancy.
Forty-two have proven invasive enough to ride roughshod over native neighbors.
On average, women with invasive cervical cancer were 48-49 years old, and women without cancer were 47 years old.
Polymicrobial invasive infections represent a major therapeutic problem.
It's important that the Invasive Species Council address trade issues as it coordinates the dozens of federal agencies with a stake in the battle against exotic species, says biologist Daniel Simberloff of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

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