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The final discussion, which emerged was that the invasive properties were associated with changes in three main categories of protein, the higher metastatic potential was associated with changes in additional proteins and the highest invasiveness was characterised by specific immune-proteomic-cytokine profiles.
The PTTG expression observed in our cohort was high in almost all patients and was related significantly to invasiveness (p=0.03), particularly for NFPA (P=0.02).
Therefore, it is important to identify a biomarker for the invasiveness of ocular venous malformation.
A surgical invasiveness index is an established way to address this variability in "case mix" for a procedural group.
Perhaps if the accused had been a woman in this case, socially constructed gender binaries would have helped magnify the inappropriateness and invasiveness of having an individual's genitals investigated without consent or a warrant, and authorized by nothing more than reasonable and probable grounds.
The ability to predict potential invasiveness is important both for species that have already been introduced to a region but are not yet invasive and for species that may be introduced through the horticultural industry in the future.
A hybrid strategy could capitalize on colonoscopy's higher effectiveness and FIT's lower cost and better adherence, while attenuating the drawbacks of colonoscopy's invasiveness and FIT's lower sensitivity for adenoma detection.
We also studied the effects of the combination on invasiveness and on expression of proteins involved in signal transduction pathways in these cell lines.
Rather than an example of invasiveness, I would suggest that it's a problem of human encroachment and the associated problems of co-habitation between humans and wildlife.
Osteosarcoma metastases (tumor invasiveness) by blood vessels
Individuals with high miR-125b expression develop larger tumours that exhibit greater invasiveness. These findings have been confirmed by Nishida and colleagues in a recent study.[sup.4]