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To develop this list, we considered the single most important factor to be a species' invasiveness in other areas of the world with a similar Mediterranean climate or in a state neighboring California.
Seldom is a single gene over-expressed to give a tumour its aggressive characteristics, but rather a set of hundreds of genes whose combined expression gives clues to its invasiveness.
PD 098059, an inhibitor of ERK1 activation, attenuates the in vivo invasiveness of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
As Ranney said, "Those of us that work on breeding and developing new trees are generally concerned with developing plants that have greater pest resistance, improved adaptability (stress tolerance), reduced environmental impacts {reduced invasiveness, reduced pesticide use) and superior commercial potential (in other words, they're more efficient to produce with greater environmental and ornamental merit).
HGF, which is found in the human body and is important in helping the liver repair itself, is also associated with the development and spread of a breast cancer tumour by increasing the blood supply to and invasiveness of the cancerous cells.
Thus the product offers minimal invasiveness and a very small profile.
By digitizing his videos, emphasizing their jerky, repetitive quality, Pfeiffer calls attention to the invasiveness of his process.
From the Time, Work and Family data, we can develop six distinct measures of working time for teachers: contractual, standard diary, face time, work invasiveness, housework, and total working time.
In our patient population, gravitational therapy led to a significant improvement of pulmonary function paired with a fundamental reduction of the invasiveness of artificial ventilation support," Dr.
Because of their low level of invasiveness and flexibility for different cosmetic goals, veneers are one of the most popular treatments for patients interested in having a better-looking smile.
Sutureless valves devices aim to facilitate valve surgery and therefore have the potential to decrease the invasiveness and to shorten the conventional procedure.
Matrigel-coated transwell experiments indicated that nicotine treatment and PKC activation worked synergistically to enhance invasiveness in the primary human vascular smooth muscle cells.