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The chief of staff of the Philippine 'reactionary armed forces' is completely unqualified to posture as an honest person and to cast invectives against Prof.
In the erotic invectives, mollis describes the unattractive, soft flesh of the woman's stomach {venter mollis, 8.
While reading Ennio Rao's most recent book, one might wonder whether the invectives were the privileged spaces of either the Italian humanists' dishumanity or of their humanity.
Freiburg, Germany) has expanded and revised her PhD dissertation on the invectives of Sallust against Cicero and Cicero against Sallust.
Moments ago they were hurling invectives but now they were dumb.
Depending on their beliefs and positions, the targets of invectives were now the leaders of the powerful families of Guise and Bourbon, for example.
It's all very witty, particularly when Anna hurls image-rich anti-Irish invectives at the maid (who is Scottish).
The pencil drawings resist all of the preconceived judgments of Malvo until invectives like "guilt," "evil," and "violent black youth" no longer apply.
According to the missives, which deployed an arsenal of World War Two and Cold War invectives, the 28-year-old MWFF was being assaulted by "apparatchiks" and "putschists" at two levels of government.
Sprinkled with a few obscenities, this nostalgic look at baseball is recommended for senior and advanced students because of the "colorful" invectives.
Hindu Iconoclasts: Rammohun Roy, Dayananda Saravati, And Nineteenth-Century Polemics Against Idolatry by Noel Salmond (Assistant Professor of Humanities and Religion, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) is a serious, scholarly study that asks why would nineteenth-century Hindus, who come from an iconic religious tradition, give voice to the types of declarations and invectives one might more readily attribute to Hebrew prophets or Calvinists?
British and German Cartoons as Weapons in World War I: Invectives and Ideology of Political Cartoons.