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This kind of dehumanization is precisely what Rice wants not to do as he inveighs against what he regards as the white West's self-deceptions.
Leopardi, for example, inveighs against the mice who represent contemporary Europe's ambitions of achieving social progress.
McWhorter inveighs against "BET" and "hip hop," and considers the problems of black students named Dwayne and Tomika, while addressing the shortcomings of Kwanzaa--but all from a distance that suggests his primary exposure wasn't gleaned from media or human practice, but as primary research.
He inveighs against the premature sexualisation of children and their commercial exploitation by firms such as the Disney Corporation.
Fitzpatrick-McKinley disagrees with all of these scholars for their diachronic analysis, but even when she offers Dale Patrick's work as an example of analyzing biblical law as a coherent system, Fitzpatrick-McKinley inveighs against Patrick's contention that law reflects the ethos of a society.
states that he regards a writer as a postmodernist "so far as she repudiates the norms of cognition and evaluation that were propounded and applied by thinkers of the Old Enlightenment, and inveighs against the abuses to which they may be supposed to have given rise" (xi).
I have a very wealthy relative - a staunch Republican - who runs big farms and has never turned back a nickle of his government subsidies - he accepts them quite gleefully, in fact, although he inveighs against the welfare cheats and all of that.
Most of us would agree with computer security expert Clifford Stoll, who inveighs against viruses because "they poison the communal well.
Dewhurst got "Cruzed" last year - the voguish term for what happens to a traditional Republican when a populist conservative runs to their political right and inveighs against the traditionalists.
Instead, Prime Minister Netanyahu inveighs against alleged Palestinian incitement when Mohammed Assaf sings of the Palestinian desire to return to homes and land from which over 700,000 Palestinians were expelled in 1948.
I particularly enjoyed his portrait of Sunni religious scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who inveighs against the infidels even though his children have all studied at British and American universities.