inveigh against

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I certainly did not argue for it, but so far as I am aware I did not inveigh against it either; it was not an issue.
Kaplan's ilk inveigh against them with false claims.
Back I went to the typewriter to inveigh against Walter Mondale, and yet I had that.
Bush used the Brazilian stage to inveigh against Chavez, something he avoided in Argentina, where the Venezuelan was available to respond and where Chavez spoke harshly of Bush.
Ridley concludes his discussion of eugenics by insisting on a distinction ignored by many who indiscriminately inveigh against all forms of genetic manipulation.
And he is always attentive to the deconstructive potential implicit in the contemporary texts he cites: time and again, DiGangi nicely turns around an admonitory passage, one that seems simply to inveigh against disorderly congress, to argue for the covert stability of bonds between men it presumes, and to turn the tables on the putative defenders of orthodoxy.
She doesn't hesitate to inveigh against obvious targets: the army, the self-serving politicians who provide democratic window-dressing, cold-hearted U.