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Although many critics have inveighed against the crudeness of his style, the power and importance of his work cannot be denied.
The Pakistani official inveighed against the provocative shooting, adding that the targeting of populated areas was against the international law and human rights.
We have inveighed, we have reasoned, we have cajoled, God knows we have done all there is to sensitise Kenyans on the plight of our football especially to do with finances but we seem to be hitting brick walls with our heads.
An American!" On the loudspeaker a voice inveighed against Peter Gelb, the general manager of the Met.
FOR some years I have inveighed against latter day art and entertainment.
Of late, Hillary Rodham Clinton has inveighed against those American citizens who, she alleges, are "forced" by their religious affiliations to vote in a certain way.
Reflecting the pervasive statist bias of the European press, the Times denounced what it called the "low-level hypochondria and half-informed health consciousness [that have] helped turn dietary supplements into a huge and growing industry in Britain." The paper also inveighed against the perils of what it calls "self-medication"--meaning the use of vitamins and minerals without the invasive regulatory presence of the benevolent state.
Act one of John Wolfson's biodrama seems to be an attempt to rehabilitate Bosie's reputation, but act two is entirely indictment: Bosie, who outlived Wilde by 45 years, became a sanctimonious, glory seeking windbag who advocated corporal punishment in schools, inveighed against the Jews in Parliament and finally accused Winston Churchill of war profiteering.
In an editorial titled "Soft Money Slinks Back," The New York Times inveighed against "political insiders" who were "carving a giant loophole" in election law, while the Los Angeles Times called upon the FEC to "issue tough new rules" against the 527s.
The reports were a tad discombobulating, inasmuch as Perle has inveighed for years against both the Chinese menace and the Arab world.
On a recent visit to Ireland, I was caught off-guard by a Dublin taxi driver who inveighed against the current wave of new immigrants.
Back in 1979, Rosalind Krauss inveighed against the historicist use of the term sculpture as a device to fix and defuse the mobile, experimental aspects of the new.