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216), through inveighing against 'death-dealing commas'
LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was inveighing against gays and lesbians at a press conference in April, shortly before the Millennium March on Washington.
Long before this final rupture some, such as William Morris, were inveighing against the seemingly all-pervasive industrial products and advocating the preservation of the spirit of the folk tradition.
He believes that, despite current doubts about the future of the nation-state and its centralized methods of governance, the rise of public sectors in free societies has yet to reach its peak: "The modern voter and his agents have demonstrated already that they are quite capable of inveighing against the heavy burden of an excessive government even as they militate for additional state subventions.
In between inveighing against "the infantile Cartesianism of separating mind and body," Cemin will suddenly look up with a delighted smile and exclaim: "What if the universe turned out to have an Art Nouveau shape?
Their paradigm of free speech is that of the street-corner radical, inveighing from his or her soap-box unhindered by police authorities.
He lacks the stylistic verve of Stanley Fish, and his own suasive rhetoric can be crude, as evidenced by his inveighing against Margaret Thatcher, so that he may risk preaching to the converted.
Just as the peaceful compromise is reached, it is learned that Timon has died in his cave, still inveighing against the human race.
You're standing in the hallway outside the bathroom watching your husband shave, your always-simmering wrath toward the state of American politics in general and the Republican Party in particular brought to a rolling boil by several cups of coffee drunk at injudicious speed, and you're both inveighing against certain distant-ish relatives whose ideological leanings are a constant source of ire, wondering aloud what terrible misfortune might need to befall them to bring them around, or at least lay their hypocrisy bare.
Whether it is US bills targeting "excessive speculation" or Gordon Brown, UK prime minister, and Nicolas Sarkozy, French president, inveighing against "damaging speculation," there is a clear political will on both sides of the Atlantic to blunt the commodity rally.
Indeed, Ibrahim Abdullah's incisive introduction to this volume wastes no time in inveighing against the "outlandish explanations" that such scholars as Chabal, Deloz, Kaplan, Reno, and Richards have produced.
Born in Zurich in 1924 but since 1947 a consummate New Yorker, Frank shuffles around an empty lot, unshaven and wryly inveighing against the yuppies who have invaded his territory.