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Such an argument would fail, however, when we consider that there are only two parties mentioned by the Act: "whoever unlawfully inveigles or decoys" and the "person" being inveigled or decoyed.
Always have, since I was a child and we had to play musical chairs (now mercifully banned by Elfin Safety) and spar with someone's faintly sinister uncle, who would desperately try to inveigle us into saying a forbidden word like "sausages".
The rest of you should stick to light ale and string vests while I continue my campaign to inveigle my way into the aristocracy by means of a rental titfer and a copy of Debrett's `How Not to Make a Complete Dick of Yourself in Front of Her Maj'.
SIR - There is now proof, if any were needed, that the main driving force is fear in the sordid attempts by the Welsh Government to inveigle the Welsh language into every aspect of public life ("'Our children told off for speaking English'", Dec 19).
This was when Eve Boswell seemed to think the way to inveigle a chap into a romantic encounter was to invite him to a barbecue where they could jointly indulge in Pickin' A Chicken.
WHY are power salesmen, charity collectors and crank evangelists allowed to inveigle their way into the homes of the elderly, disabled and families with kids with the kind of ID you can knock up on any computer?
Honestly, all I did was ask where his vaguely Polish-sounding moniker comes from, but from the cagey answer I got you'd swear I'd been trying to inveigle his credit card details.
Scully: "Mulder, not everything is a labyrinth of dark conspiracy and not everybody is plotting to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate.
Sweeney or orders Hatton and Cully to step up the pressure on DS Gary Tate - who responds by trying to inveigle Pauline into betraying Howie and Colin.
Trying to inveigle me into showing interest in the world of clip-clopping is her softly-softly tactics.
Entryism, the accusation being levelled in the Perry Barr and Ladywood constituency party, is only likely to occur if those attempting to inveigle their way into a political party believe they can get something for themselves or their supporters - namely influence and power.
What they don't appreciate is that some where along the line, it is not so much literacy skills he has acquired, but more negotiation skills and he manages to inveigle me into exchanging the tokens for hard currency - far more use in the 'Games' section at HMV.