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(193) This suggests that the word "holds" creates a separate requirement, above and beyond the decoy or inveiglement used to gain control of the victim.
Wills, like most other cases under the Act concerned with "the scope of jurisdiction for kidnappings accomplished through deceit," was focused primarily on whether the victim had been "inveigled" or "decoyed." (190) In line with precedent, Wills recognized that kidnappings by inveiglement and decoy were punishable under the Act.
The passage in question reads: 'These are the philtres, allurements, jynges, inveiglements, baits, and enticements of love, by the means whereof that may be peaceably revived which was painfully acquired' ('Ce sont les philtres, iynges et attraictz d'amour, moienans lesquelz pacificquement on retient ce que peniblement on avoit conqueste').' (2) Here Rabelais is actually writing on political science, and of military conquest, pacification, and subsequent rule, likening the process to winning a woman with great effort but then needing to retain her by means of love potions.
I was fleeing from the protracted aftermath of a love affair that had run afoul of a false pregnancy or a miscarriage or a chemically induced abortion, I was never able to determine which, but in any case an unhappy mess for the girl, and painful for me too, since her mother's grief had elicited what all the inveiglements of her father confessor hadn't: penitence and a sincere vow of chastity.