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Such an argument would fail, however, when we consider that there are only two parties mentioned by the Act: "whoever unlawfully inveigles or decoys" and the "person" being inveigled or decoyed.
Maybe it's the softness, or maybe it's the ethereal meltin- your mouth quality that makes you go as gooey as the chocolate topping that inveigles you to itself.
Margarethe inveigles herself into the family home with Ruth and soon takes tyrannical control of the household.
She turns up in a small town and seduces a dope, then inveigles him into a murderous, drug-dealing mire using her looks and wits.
Harold Pinter wrote a play called The Caretaker, about a filthy tramp who inveigles himself into someone else's home in the quest for a cushy life, and then tries to take over.
In a superbly crafted movie, Damon plays Tom Ripley, who inveigles his way to Italy to persuade Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law) to return home to his rich father in New York.