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The odd phone call is not going to make the weeknights pass, so she's just going to have to knuckle down with the task at hand - finding people she likes and inveigling her way into their lives.
At first, Jessie exploits the older man's infatuation for her by inveigling him into shopping trips.
ON TRIPS to the Lake District, my nine-year-old son keeps inveigling me into mountaineering shops to look at, of all things, telescopic Norwegian walking sticks.
Meanwhile Scare-ah is still inveigling her way into the Fowler family to find out more about Martin's background and comes up with the notion that he's with Sonia out of guilt.
The document continues: "What counts is more results, better responses to practical issues and not a European superstate or European institutions inveigling their way into every nook and cranny of life.
You did wilfully pretend to be helpless thus inveigling the defendants to abuse and attack you in the misguided belief they were inviolate from danger only for them to suffer severe and unexpected retaliation and several kicks in the bread basket.