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For example, the popular "Project Egg Drop" competitions, where students invent carriers to protect raw eggs dropped from above, have become school-wide activities involving parents and the entire community.
I did not invent the flesh, bone, concrete, or gravity which came into play in forming what I call my experience -- though the words, I grant, came from my society.
INVENT Pharmaceuticals is an innovative biotech company focused on inventing new first-in-class and best-in-class drugs for the treatment of diseases with significantly large unmet medical needs including CNS, cardiovascular and other diseases.
Remo, Chairman of ADHC, commented, "This alliance with INVENT Pharma will enhance and diversify our investment focus in the biotech industry.
Gradually theory stopped even trying to invent new concepts or raise new questions, and became instead a set of stock formulas to be thrown together in the computer at will without regard for origin or rigor in an ever more arbitary and entangled quotational patchwork.
After the students compile ideas on how life could be simpler, they cull the collection for a project they can invent.
Tmote Invent is a complete innovative wireless sensor hardware and software package designed for industrial and environmental applications including building monitoring and security control.
Teams of students and teachers from 18 high schools across the country were recently awarded InvenTeams grants up to $10,000 each by the Lemelson-MIT Program to invent prototype devices that address problems they have identified.
In a second stage of the proceeding, the Patent Office may hold a "priority contest" to determine which party was the first to invent the subject matter of the claims.
Kasper and his coauthors present a desk reference and guide for patent professionals regarding the most significant revision to US patent law since 1952, the 2011 American Invents Act (AIA).