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Inventing the Needy is divided into three sections which mirror the classifications described above, and is full of Hungarian terms and names which are simultaneously authenticating and distracting.
The other thing that is missing from Inventing Al Gore--and most other recent political tomes--is a realistic explanation of how a democracy founded on the rejection of royal families has produced a contest between a pair of princes.
Inventing experiences enhance student process skills such as measuring, experimenting, record keeping and interpreting data.
Kids in grades 4-6 will appreciate Hubert Invents The Wheel, a zany story of one teen Hubert, who has some ideas of how to make his life in Ancient Sumeria easier--by inventing the wheel, his greatest creation.
Such inventing does not mean shoring up the traditional media - painting, sculpture, drawing, architecture - but neither does it mean supporting the implosion of the various media into a single continuum, whether that be called installation or Conceptual art or whatever.
Earlier this month, Gould finally received a patent for inventing the gas-discharge laser.
So whether we fund a dance troupe or a fighter-bomber is an issue almost touchingly dated, massively dwarfed by the question of whether or not the bulk of humanity will be able to stay viable as a species in the face of all these "things," these metanests, that we've invented, and that we show no signs of stopping inventing.
Nietzsche is the one to have linked together the "lightness" of knowing and the "untimeliness" to which it is a force of the arts to give "body" and "space," inventing new affects and new percepts, new ways of experiencing and seeing: