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Ryan sums this up as "Thus, the whole becomes a classic illustration of the Tolkienian uses of the mediaeval story-telling device, inventio, or the combining of a selection of known ingredients--or at least familiar to him--to produce new artistic tensions and fresh literary insights" (69).
The current production version of this system is INVENTIO I, the subject of procurement is only its technological maintenance (not application) to the start time INVENTIO II into production operation.
One might, for example, turn to inventio, the first of the five canons of rhetoric, which guides rhetors towards the discovery of the content of their discourse.
De esta forma, la semejanza desmesurada entre pintura y retorica no solo afectaba al ambito de la inventio sino que, como se detalla en numerosos tratados, se incluian tambien interpretaciones sobre el semblante, el movimiento o el gesto mas conveniente de las figuras delineadas, adecuando la representacion pictorica a las virtutes elocutionis ciceronianas.
Instead, she learns to harness this enthusiasm, and by utilizing the principles of imitatio and inventio she becomes a very effective rhetorician.
O Grupo [my] (1987, 1993), dentro de seu complexo formalismo, soube reconhecer a imagem como um codigo autonomo com status identico ou superior ao da linguagem verbal, dada a sua maior universalidade; no entanto, tambem apenas se ateve as suas formas expressivas, precisamente as figuras elocutivas, sem reconhecer o que ha antes e depois; fora de sua analise, ficaram a inventio, a dispositio, a actio e a memoria.
427b-428b10 for an extended discussion between sensing, imaging and imagining and Cicero, De Oratorio 1 for his development of Aristotle's heuristics as inventio.
In Berisso's poetry, for example, the reinvention of metrical forms, with its subtle philological variations, is a conceptual operation of the highest order, a veritable inventio that aims to allegorize its models, sometimes in arguably didactic ways, such as in the octaves of "Esortativi con dichiarazione acrostica" (Exhortatives with acrostic statement; in Annali [Annals; Oedipus, 2002]), wherein the flow of exhortations directed to the beloved is framed by the acrostic "TI AMO CON LA FORZA DELLA RIVOLUZIONE" (I love you with the force of the revolution).
Apparently, this rhetorical exercise was well appreciated by Imperial Greek listeners, which implies that in this climate there was a possibility of experiencing aesthetic pleasure for the rhetorical merits largely independently from the inventio (which must have been rather conventional and wellknown to the cultivated members of the audience).
The combination of inventio and iudicium creates the tertia ars, the methodus, the mos geometricus, the via synthetica (as opposed to the via analytica) that is the philosophical comprehension.
17) Pline, NATURALIS HISTORIAE, Liber VII Continetur hominum generatio et institutio, atque inventio artium; II.
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