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INVENTION. A contrivance; a discovery. It is in this sense this word is used in the patent laws of the United States. 17 Pet. 228; S. C. 1 How. U. S. 202. It signifies not something which has been found ready made, but something which, in consequence of art or accident, has been formed; for the invention must relate to some new or useful art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, not before known or used by others. Act of July 4, 1836, 4 Sharsw. continuation of Story's L. U.S. 2506; 1 Mason, R. 302; 4 Wash. C. C. R. 9. Vide Patent. By invention, the civilians understand the finding of some things which had not been lost; they must either have abandoned, or they must have never belonged to any one, as a pearl found on the sea shore. Lec. Elem Sec. 350.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Murphy (1997) points out that traditions provide inventional resources for claiming authority; art traditions are no different.
Both the metaphoric commonality used and the metaphoric routes not taken suggest that inventional strategies when observed in aggregate can help us gauge how media messages anticipate and frame political frustration and misunderstanding in times of electoral turmoil.
Enos and Lauer suggest that "rhetoric can not only be a way of arguing but can also generate its own way of knowing, its own kind of epistemic process" leading from "inventional situations between rhetor and audience" (83).
The role of rote learning then - as now in Koranic, Talmudic, Vedic, and Buddhist scriptural schools - is to lay a firm foundation for all further education, not solely as "information" but as a series of mnemonically secure inventory "bins" into which additional matter could be stored and thence recovered.(14) It is also clear from a number of writings on the subject of memory training that rote-retained inventional schemes could be textual as well as graphic: the verses of a psalm treated as sets of orderly mnemonic locations will work just as well as a tree-figure or a rose-rota or a cloister garden.
These remakes used the uncertainty generated by the circulation and intermingling of frameworks for inventional purposes.
2) that serves as an inventional metaphor and a key trope of civic discourse.
Enclaved publics as inventional resources: An essay in generative rhetoric.
Beginning with a blank slate, his inventional possibilities were correspondingly greater.
Yet this ambiguity sometimes bolstered rather than weakened deliberations; the deployment of research in school board meetings reflected its role as one inventional resource among others.
There is a way to read Habermas rhetorically that (1) explains how the political economy of the mass media dampens the inventional processes necessary to legitimate public deliberation processes and (2) draws out how invention from peripheral actors ought to function in public deliberation.
Scholars often base the study of repertoires of arguments on a notion of "inventional capacity" or "inventional repertoire" defined as "one's stock of available arguments in a given situation" (Hample, 2005, p.
Similarly, Lee and Barton go beyond the conventional interpretations of Clinton's apologia to read his rhetoric from a religious perspective, concluding powerfully that "discourse springs from rich storehouses of cultural mythology; thus, the inventional choices that this mythology encourages are frequently unexplainable by pragmatic analyses of situations" (p.