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Lab retains its devotion to meaningful, open-ended and hands-on experiences; its emphasis on the invention process, now demonstrated through inventor profiles and objects from the national collections; and its belief that everyone, particularly children, is inventive.
Mostly, though, it's one for the nostalgics who want to hear Always Look On the Bright Side of Life, laugh at the Knights Who Say Ni and the Black Knight - who's dismembered in inventive style - again and see Python Michael Palin appear onscreen as God.
Inventive Power, a dynamic green technology company from Mexico, won the first ever Green Business Award.
Team Haut's inventive reinterpretation builds on this tradition, suggesting a flexible modern prototype that encourages high density living informed by ecology and a sense of civitas.
95 for the buffet-style brunch, which includes inventive hot and cold entrees such as marinated flank steak, smoked and poached salmon, and marinated chicken breast; a meat carving station; sushi rolls; made-to-order waffles and omelets and a scrumptious selection of desserts such as handmade scones, petit fours, flourless chocolate cake and kiwi tarts.
And in Singapore, Bedmar & Shi's cluster housing is a subtle yet inventive reinterpretation of tropical archetypes.
Pinos' inventive combination of organic forms and sturdy materials responds to the hillside setting, carving out a humanly scaled place in the suburban landscape.
Pecour's choreography was richly inventive, incorporating the dramatic nuances of Spanish dance in head, arms and feet while still retaining the refined elegance of the baroque style.
These inventive developments include: digital Doppler radar; the ubiquitous dot matrix computer display; the first high-speed analog-to-digital converter; the first digitization of music and video; the first fetal monitors; the first instant imaging computed tomography (CT) systems; the first quadrature baseband, phased-array ultrasound systems; the first lightweight, mobile CT systems; and the first dual-energy, multislice security CT scanner, among many other innovations.
Supported by commerce and informed by a spirit of experimentation, the Netherlands currently has one of the most lively and inventive architectural cultures in the world.
IF is part of United Architects, a mutually complimentary, multinational consortium of inventive, young designers and architects who have a broad range of expertise and are cutting edge users of advanced technology in design.