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We should be proud of what our inventiveness contributes to the world.
Adam's inventiveness in Il Nodo, danced to a taped collage of Renaissance music, is far less self-conscious.
John Christians, on the other hand, abhorred theological inventiveness, supposing that such creativity invites mistakes in belief and that what people believe, as least as much as, if not more than, how they experience the world and how they behave, is the path to God and the key to salvation.
And he contends that most tribunals cannot afford professional psychologists, that even when they can the treatment of the case is often superficial, and that what goes on is frequently "tortuous inventiveness," "parlour psychologizing," "junk science," a "psychological guessing game," so that "thousands of unions regarded as marriage by ordinary folks are wiped out.
Previously, in what the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera called a "true papal blessing," the Vatican's satellite TV station SAT2000 had declared that Pokemon had no "harmful moral side effects," was "full of inventive imagination," and had the virtue of pushing children "in the direction of imagination and inventiveness.
Displaying the same inventiveness in design, the American Museum of Natural History announced the debut of the Arthur Ross Terrace, a spectacular, new, one-acre public space in Manhattan.
According to Irving Howe, "Writers who do shorts need to be especially bold; they stake everything on a stroke of inventiveness.
Sometimes flirting with bankruptcy, White's engineering inventiveness, business skills, and determination enabled him to fulfill his vision.
With a worldwide customer base and over 34 years experience in backup, restore, hierarchical storage management and disaster recovery, Innovation is internationally recognized for Non-disruptive backups and its inventiveness in this market segment.
Jack just had this incredible quality of inventiveness,'' Damon tries to explain.
But as staged by Finn's longtime collaborator James Lapine with his customary clarity and visual inventiveness, the show steers clear of the cliches that litter way too many musicals, and that's what makes it a winner.
The inventiveness within repetition in these works is a virtue in itself, and its associations are multidirectional, seeming to reach from ancient Egypt to Sun Ra.