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Rising inventories damage companies in many ways: products easily become obsolete, they consume fixed capital, and they hurt a company's stock valuation.
Air pollution analysts "have worried for many years about the suspected large inaccuracies in these emissions inventories," observes Charles W.
Maximo helps users schedule preventive maintenance, generate work orders, and track labor and inventories - all from an icon-driven graphical interface.
However, based on more detailed surveys of four national forests and previous inventories of the other eight, the Wilderness Society estimated that "old-growth" accounts for only two million acres of the ancient forest.
It is a method of determining an inflation index used in computing LIFO inventories with reference to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Producer Price Index (PPI) or Consumer Price Index (CPI), rather than internally generated indexes.
A sudden build-up in inventories or a decline in the inventory turnover rate is always a cause for further investigation.
Markets today demand a responsive and flexible solution to address asset management challenges with liquidation of excess inventories in the late stages of product life cycles, and we are pleased Arvato will be able to present FreeFlow's technology to its clients," stated Alan Scroope, FreeFlow's founder and CEO.
Used-vehicle dealers may apply the method to value the LIFO inventories of previously titled automobiles and light-duty trucks (i.
The UNICAP rules affect almost any corporation that has inventories.
Accurate Forecasting is one of the key elements in achieving Lean manufacturing, and the real-time nature of SYSPRO Forecasting can help a company reduce stock levels, maximize existing resources and improve profits by producing to customer demand rather than tying up large sums in raw materials inventories.
All four examples involve a dollar-value LIFO taxpayer using the double-extension method to account for inventories.
For distribution-intensive businesses, the need for optimizing inventories is growing," said Joseph Shamir, CEO of ToolsGroup.