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Bilateral; two-sided; mutual; interchanged.

Reciprocal obligations are duties owed by one individual to another and vice versa. A reciprocal contract is one in which the parties enter into mutual agreements.

Reciprocal laws are statutes of one state that give rights and privileges to the citizens of another state if that state extends similar privileges to the citizens of the first state. A common example is the Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act, which is a uniform law adopted in a majority of jurisdictions, by which a tribunal in the state where a wife or mother resides is able to commence proceedings for Child Support against a husband or father who resides in another state.

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Seeking to deliver the leveraged & inverse performance of the 50 most representative securities on the NSE
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In order to test the inverse formula for radial distortion the proper lens of focal length 30.64 mm is used.