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Moreover, the likelihood of sexual initiation remained inversely associated with teenagers' grade point average (odds ratio, 0.8) and was significantly elevated among those who reported that they or their peers engaged in delinquent behaviors (1.2 and 1.1, respectively).
In a multivariate analysis that controlled for potential confounders such as age, gender, ethnicity, and sun sensitivity, sun exposure was inversely correlated with the incidence of NHL.
Variations inversely related to changes in the fair value of the issuer's equity shares, for example, a written put option that could be net share settled.
* Obligations that could be settled with shares, "the monetary value of which is fixed, tied solely or predominantly to a variable such as a market index, or varies inversely wit the value of the issuers' shares."
There is even controversy over the applicable characteristic length scale: whether it is the so-called Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) coherence length, or a much smaller length that is inversely proportional to the Fermi energy of the system.
Results: The blood lead concentration was inversely and significantly associated with IQ.
Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, Memento's entire budget would have only covered the catering for The Bourne Identity, but, as is usually the case, a film's budget and its substance are inversely related.
Using the equation a = F/m (a = acceleration; F = force; m = mass), you can see that the magnitude of a bali's acceleration is inversely proportional to its mass: the lighter the ball, the greater its acceleration.
It can inversely multiplex up to eight T-Is and can automatically adjust the data rate to the HSSI port, based on the number of T-I circuits.
Plasma cholesterol is positively associated with animal protein intake and inversely associated with plant protein intake.
The process is based on the principle that the desired magnesium (Mg) concentration in the final casting is inversely proportional to the pour rate of the molten metal (which also is the rate at which the molten metal will encounter the nodularizer) and directly proportional to the cross-sectional area of the treatment reaction chamber within the gating system of the mold.
Enteritidis cases is inversely related to the prevalence of S.