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Under the submersivity assumption, there exist, up to an isomorphism, a unique difference field ([K.sup.*], [[delta].sup.*]), called the inversive closure of (K, [delta]).
Transgression, after all, Linda Woodbridge notes, pertained to blackness especially in the Renaissance when blackface was "a hallmark of popular rites." (144) A link between blackface and associations with often inversive, festive folly appears, for instance, in corn riots, which, Natalie Zemon Davis demonstrates, were led by women or men dressed as women, who, Wood-bridge argues, often wore blackface.
(4) A careful examination of Native Son and the Loeb/Leopold case reveals previously unexamined parallels between the two, from which we can perceive sharp ironies that arise from Wright's powerfully inversive imagination.
"That's what makes it fun for me, to try to stretch the Disney inversive a little bit," Janet said.
His aim in the first two is to expose the contrived proceedings for what they are: a ceremonialized theft, a demonically inversive theater of state befitting Bolingbroke's upside-down "new world" (79).
Given a large, high-resolution display, such as that desirable in inversive virtual reality systems, a substantial computational savings can be obtained by using variable-resolution techniques.
This was achieved using an inversive congruential pseudorandom number generator (ICG(2147483647, 1,1,0)) obtained from the P-Lab website (
Parks (through her incorporation of black stereotypical characters) acknowledges in The Death of the Last Black Man that the frightful dimensions of stereotype should not be allowed to obliterate the inversive possibilities inscribed in its ambivalence.
The connections he explores between the inversive utterances and performances of the Ranters (especially Abiezer Coppe) and Blake are perceptive, though they seem less surprising after A.
The inversive sphere is fixed and, as an autonomous whole, it is immobile: transformation inverts it into itself.
Among the generators that are planned for incorporation into SPRNG are the previously mentioned "Mersenne Twister" SRG and both the implicit and explicit inversive congruential generator [Eichenauer and Lehn 1986; Niederreiter 1994; Hellekalek et al.
By comparing the Legend of Good Women with its sources, Minnis describes the strategy of this gynocentric, gamocentric poem as inversive, putting 'on top' its 'superlatively ruly and morally righteous martyrs for marriage' (451).