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Born with a rare condition called Situs Inversus, all her body organs are located in the 'reverse' side, compared to a normal anatomy.
Jack is also a rarity in another striking sense - after doctors attempted to diagnose what was wrong with him when he was suffering with severe stomach pains in his late teens they discovered he had a condition called situs inversus.
She had a very complex medical history significant for pernicious anemia, celiac disease with gluten encephalopathy," normal pressure hydrocephalus, and partial situs inversus abdominalis.
Besides, polysplenia syndrome concomitant with situs inversus totalis and distal pancreatic hypoplasia are rare congenital anomalies.
An abdomen and pelvis computed tomography (CT) scan showed a left-to-right reversal of his organs, a mirror-image, and situs inversus was diagnosed.
Clinically significant abnormalities of systemic veins are rare in situs solitus or inversus (non isomeric) but exceed 90% in situs ambiguous (isomeric)2,3.
Literaturde nadir olarak bildirilen sol yerlesimli Amyand hernilerde beraberinde situs inversus, intestinal malrotasyonlar ve mobil cekum gibi anatomik varyasyonlarin da eslik ettigi gosterilmistir (7).
Angiographic Embolization of a Postpartum Vulvovaginal Hematoma in a Patient with Situs Inversus Totalis: An Effective Second-Line Treatment.
5 The PLSVC has been found incidentally as an asymptomatic lone variation with coexistent cardiac anomalies such as Tetralogy of Fallot, septal defects and situs inversus.
Del lado izquierdo las hernias de Amyand son raras y se ha sugerido que podrian estar asociadas con un ciego movil, situs inversus o mala rotacion intestinal.
The imago mundi and utopia (or antiutopia) are in an inverse symmetry rapport with the mundus and the mundus inversus (in medieval caricatures).
Paciente masculino de 28 anos, con situs inversus, dextrocardia, isomerismo izquierdo.