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It is considered that the interaction was related to the difference in amount of priming between the flipping strategy and the spinning strategy, especially for the inverted image.
The latter is familiar, of course, in the positive context of Christ's sacrifice for mankind, but is studied here per viam negativam, along a path that leads from the parodic dead trees of the suicides' wood (by way of the evocation of Lucifer's own position as a "grottesca scimmiottatura" [52] of Christ's crucifixion) to the inverted image of the Tree of Life become crux diaboli and therefore irredeemably sterile.
Reed prosecutes this latter aspect of Santa's inverted image by returning again to an early picture: "There was an illustration of Nicholas, the jolly old man, with a laurel wreath on his head and a silver cup full of wine, naked from the waist up, surrounded by half-clad women, presiding over a decadent and voluptuous supper" (120).
Nowadays, the usually nocturnal creator can again devote longer hours to commissioned projects at his home studio in Barangay Kalawaan, where a Bonifacio portrait and an inverted image of his daughter Allysa Mae keep him company.
Utopia and its discontents were vivid, if not always nuanced, in Jackson's 2-D structures: A sequence of poster images of the Tower of Babel, that familiar symbol of collectivism gone awry, has been built into Jackson's Brancusian Endless Column (all works 2008); the Art Workers Coalition's famous My Lai protest poster connects via a Flavinesque fluorescent tube to an inverted image of a floating (sinking?
The hole will project a small, inverted image of the [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] Sun's disk onto the lower card.
The mixture of flippancy and historical gravitas recalled the artist's last Klagsbrun outing--which included an enlarged, inverted image of Mussolini and his mistress on the gallows, as well as obituaries of undead celebrities and cheeky store signs telling customers to FUCK OFF WE'RE CLOSED--though here the scales were tipped toward gravitas.
The hole will project an inverted image of the Sun's disk onto the lower card.