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m], [mathematical expression not reproducible] is a parity-check matrix, G -trapdoor R for A with invertible tag H .
For some [lambda] [member of] C, rank[[lambda]I - A, B] < n if and only if there is an invertible matrix T such that the matrices A = [T.
There are three binding sites for Lrp gene product within invertible sequences.
In view of interesting examples and the applications to defects in mathematical physics and Nichols algebras we state the obvious generalization of these concepts to the groupoid setting, so that arbitrary monoidal equivalences C [right arrow] D give rise to invertible C-D-bimodule categories, and these are in bijection to braided equivalences Z(C) [right arrow] Z(D).
It follows that if A is g-Drazin invertible, then A can be decomposed to an invertible operator and a quasinilpotent operator.
Beran, "Maximum likelihood estimation of the differencing parameter for invertible short and long memory autoregressive integrated moving average models," Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, vol.
With the assumption that [OMEGA] is invertible, Equation (3) follows from Equation (1).
22] is invertible, and let S be the computed Schur complement based on [?
reports that the ARMA structure of the estimated model [1213] in which all the inverse roots of AR and MA polynomials are within the unit circle indicating that the estimated AR process is stationary and estimated MA process invertible as well.
Invertible finite elements for robust simulation of large deformation, In SCA '04: Proceedings of the 2004 ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics symposium on Computer animation: 131-140.
Then there exists a subset S of invertible elements of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] such that for any x, y [member of] S, x + y is invertible in [Z.