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n, it should also hold for any subset of capital market securities, given the expected return and invertible covariance between all other securities returns in the subset.
J be such that for almost all [zeta] [member of] [OMEGA][o], the matrix U([zeta]) is invertible.
As described by Horn and Johnson (1985), the condition factor for an invertible matrix E is
Based on the definition of invertibility, which has been described earlier, the result demonstrates clearly that the S-matrix based watermark embedding is invertible since the attacker was able to extract his faked watermark [W.
11] is invertible, the latter can be used to solve for [ohm] as
Later Araujo ([1]) made a study of these maps in his thesis and has characterized Banach-Stone maps T , as those isometric isomorphisms which take invertible elements to invertible elements or maximal ideals to maximal ideals etc.
El operador F es generalmente un operador no invertible, y por eso la solucion para el problema planteado en la ecuacion (1) no es unica.
Moreover, Credit Suisse reports that wealthy clients have 15%-20% of their invertible resources in international real estate and only 5%-7% in private equity, hedge funds and structured products.
The standard Granger causality test gets into trouble when a time series has a moving average component that is not invertible.
com) EADPI invertible airduster is suited to removing dust and airborne contamination from delicate and inaccessible areas of electronics equipment.
Other concepts that appeared first in map E and remained unchanged in map F are those detailing invertibility of matrices namely: det A, det=0, det [not equal to] 0, not invertible, invertible and augmented matrix.