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v. to put money into a business or buy property or securities for the purpose of eventually obtaining a profit. This is distinguished from a gift or a loan made merely to accommodate a friend or taking a complete gamble. (See: investment)

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TO INVEST, contracts. To lay out money in such a manner that it may bring a revenue; as, to invest money in houses or stocks; to give possession.
     2. This word, which occurs frequently in the canon law, comes from the Latin word investire, which signifies to clothe or adorn and is used, in that system of jurisprudence, synonymously with enfeoff. Both words signify to put one into the possession of, or to invest with a fief, upon his taking the oath of fealty or fidelity to the prince or superior lord.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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To put this in perspective, that means PS2,000 invested in UK stocks in the year 2000 would have increased in value to PS5,060, whereas if it was left in cash savings it would be worth PS2,640.
PAGE: What should we expect when we invest in such a fund?
If the client's expected tax rate will be lower in retirement, though, it's better to invest in a 401(k) or a deductible IRA to the extent eligible instead of a Roth IRA.
With a total of $299 billion tracked in the NACUBO database, that 3 percent represents a hefty $9.3 billion invested in real estate.
Most of the large utility corporations in Japan have invested heavily in the JGRF.
Deferred annuities, however, are invested in for a period (accumulation phase), after which periodic payments are made to the annuitant (distribution phase).
Bancolombia completed a merger this year with the institutions Conavi and Corfinsura, leading it to invest in standardizing delivery channels, such as call centers and the Internet, across the various banks, says Mauricio Botero, head of investor relations at Bancolombia.
The second stage is generally a degree of "financial vulnerability," as a sort of collateral effect of the first, because the company has invested heavily in the first stage.
"We hold highly that African Americans should invest and pass it on to our children, who are our investments to the future.
Younger workers, however, could invest some of their payroll taxes into higher-risk, potentially higher-yield, Individual Retirement Accounts.
Through it all, Buffett has gotten rich by staying true to himself--to his sense of the "right" way to invest and to live as well.
Invest your money at one end of the economic machinery, they're told, and your return in interest income comes out magically at the other end.