invested capital

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He had, accordingly, invested capital in goods, calculated, as he supposed, for the Indian trade, and had enlisted a number of eastern men in his employ, who had never been in the Far West, nor knew anything of the wilderness.
Since it is hypothesized that cash conversion cycle is negatively related to invested capital, firm financial performance, and liquidity, it is expected that firms that improve their cash conversion cycle over time will reduce invested capital, improve financial performance, and increase liquidity more than other firms.
In terms of net value added per unit of invested capital Maharashtra (0.
Cessna hit a peak delivery volume of 313 in 2001 with a margin of 13 percent, with a return on invested capital in the 20s.
For immediate annuities, every payment received consists of both income and return of invested capital.
If we replace ROI with its equivalent of earnings (E) divided by invested capital (IC) or E/IC, we arrive at:
Thus, the study will calculate returns to invested capital as the ratio of conservatively measured annual benefits to overvalued capital assets.
For economic analysis purposes, firms should recognize the value of these assets and the related invested capital.
Invested capital multiples are calculated by dividing the market value of invested capital (i.
makes a number of adjustments to accounting book value to arrive at a superior estimate of invested capital, or what might be thought of a "economic" book value.
Headquartered in San Francisco, with investment professionals in Europe and Asia, Saints Capital currently manages nine funds with investments in over a hundred individual companies totaling approximately half a billion dollars in invested capital.