invested sum

See: principal
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Nigerians are freely advised, and even persuaded to invest in this crypto-currency, as it promises quick returns, in certain instances, a triple or quadruple of the invested sum as profit within days.
The accused neither returned the profit on the invested sum nor returned the actual amount of the investors.
This rule simply states that an interest rate divided into 72 defines how fast compounding will double the invested sum.
The company disclosed neither the invested sum nor the size of the acquired stake.
The company said that the part-owners in the venture capital fund EVP, in which Industrivarden has a 25% holding, had agreed to reduce the original investment framework of USD75m per partner to the currently invested sum of USD13m per partner.
Takehiko Nakao has further said that the aforesaid amount is over and above the already invested sum of $ 22 billion in the framework of CAREC schemes.
15bnType: DivestmentStatus: AgreedComment: The deal size is the invested sum for a combined 35% stake.
Detectives have heard from some potential victims of how they have invested sums from the thousands to the millions - seeing little or no return - but it is thought the majority of alleged victims were from the Gurkha and Nepalese community, and are yet to come forward.
It invested sums in its own infrastructure, Beijing has been looking further afield.