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'It is reported everywhere that he cannot be prosecuted because he has immunity but for the purpose of getting the picture right, I think the Senate Committee on INEC should investigate and get this matter right,'' he said.
Chairman NAB has also directed the DG NAB Lahore to investigate the misappropriations against the Chief Executive of Ex Global Limited Lahore for looting the masses.
The PTI chief said he had urged the commission to also investigate role of provincial election commission heads.
"Today the Supreme Court has directed the CBI and the team, which was investigating the 2-G case, to also investigate about 14 cases of prima facie corruption and criminal offenses, which are appearing from the conversation which Nira Radia had with various people," advocate Prashant Bhushan told media here today.
The horses' main job, crowd control at football ground entrances, could be done by mobile platforms; to investigate the need for so many police doing clerical jobs and to investigate the huge cost of overtime, sickness and early retirement.
A Met spokesman said: "We can confirm that the Attorney General asked the Metropolitan Police to investigate a case that was a referral from the Secret Intelligence Service.
Not to act on that mandate--not to investigate Katrina, not to investigate Iraq and Halliburton, not to investigate the Abramoff scandal, not to investigate the illegal NSA spying, not to demand impeachment hearings--would be an abdication of responsibility and a betrayal of their base.
Tory MP Nigel Evans, chairman of an All-Party Parliamentary Group on fraud, said: "There is a clear public interest to investigate whether the party has handled dirty money."
The Bug Catcher Go Belt (ISBN 57282-10030) provides the tools necessary to introduce children to the study of insects and set them on the course to further investigate entomology as they grow up.
To investigate the effect of arsenic on blood vessels, we examined whether arsenic affected the contraction of aortic rings in an isolated organ bath system.
* Develop and investigate novel materials with enhanced properties (e.g., films, coatings, fillers, matrices, pigments, additives, and fibers--especially lignocellulosic nanofibrils.
"We would investigate them if we received any complaints," said State Secretary spokeswoman Asia Foster.

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